Vancouver Aircraft & Consulting Services Group (VanAir) specializes in providing independent and impartial advice for clients doing business in aviation and related industries.

Consulting Services

The purchase of an aircraft can be one of the largest capital investments you ever make as a company or individual. The advice of an expert experienced in finding the most cost effective and safe aircraft for your needs is invaluable. VanAir understands operational and maintenance requirements along with regulatory issues that can affect your decision. VanAir can connect you to reputable professionals who are aware of the process involved in negotiations, inspections, contracts and tax ramifications. Because putting together the right team is essential when purchasing an aircraft, VanAir will also guide you to Sales Staff that are extremely knowledgeable and that have a successful track record of bringing aircraft ownership transactions to a close.

The relationship VanAir has with all major aircraft manufacturer’s and numerous brokers spanning a wide range of industry niches allows our clients to find the best aircraft for their specific needs and budget. Take the stress and confusion out of your aircraft purchase and use VanAir as your one stop resource.

In addition, VanAir has specialized in managing drone operations for the surveying industry. Please see for a complete description of these services.

Providing quality client service is a core value at VanAir.
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